The Structure of the Head

In Oriental medicine, head is often compared to the sky. Head resembles the sky in round figure while the feet resemble the earth in flat figure. The energy made from the activity of the internal organs and bowls is gathered to the kidney, going up to the brain through the spinal cord. When the clear energy goes up to the top area, it combines with the energy coming up from the kidney. In Oriental medicine, it is known that heart lightens the brain. Just as the electricity comes up to the lamp to make the light, the heart should deliver its energy well to the head.

Although sky does not have any clogged area, our head can be barred between the organ tissues. According to the book, SoMun, it says that the light, clear energy is to be delivered to the head. This theory can be checked out by the ability of BBB (Blood Brain Barrier), which the modern medical science has revealed. This barrier primarily lets water-soluble particles such as glucose pass well through the blood vessel going to the brain. However, it passes the area very slowly and does not pass the antibiotics or unnecessary materials. Based on the emperor’s Somun encyclopedia, the principles that have transcended the modern 21st century histology or anatomy are concisely arranged; this has been written thousands years ago! At such point, people’s ignorance and thoughts, which state that Oriental medicine is unscientific, are revealed. As stated above, it is our head that rejects such unclean materials from going through. Nevertheless, human’s seven-passions cause unnecessary energy and dreg to come up to our head where only clear energy should have come up, resulting in a disease called paralysis. Paralysis is caused when the energy is stuck and when the blood clot makes problems in the blood vessel that goes up to the brain.

1. Types of headache

When the stuck tissues receive all sorts of energies whenever a person gets angry or irritated with bad feelings, the energy goes up but cannot make its way up because the top areas are already blocked. At this point, she or he may get a headache. Sometimes, headaches can occur when the energy cannot go up because of its weakness. Usually, it is for the case when one feels heaviness or is devoid of strength.


  • First, the cold energy interrupts the movement of the internal organs and bowls. As the result, while breathing, the energy goes up and causes headache.
  • Second, one does not have a fever but experiences some pain in the head due to the seven passions.
  • Third, the stomach cannot move well but is blocked; it causes energies to come to the stomach and cause the headache.
  • Fourth, for the case of migraine, the proportionate vessel points may have been blocked by the energy.


Think about those principles. I recommend you not to keep using the pills to relieve the headache, but try acupuncture treatment under those principles. When a person learns the cause of the disease with MRI, it is likely that the MRI has captured tumor, blood clots, or lump. If not, the flow of the energy would not be seen through MRI. Consuming pills over and over will be as same as blocking a crying baby’s mouth.


2. High Blood Pressure Headache

For such type of headache, the strong-weak areas as well as hot-cold areas should be distinguished. Also, the time of putting needles as well as the depth of the needles on the skin should be different. Sometimes, one may feel pain at the crown of the head, but most people feel headache over the inability to circulate between the vessel points in the hands and the feet. The required meridian points should be needled, but if one gets lots of needles for headache, it can hurt the person and make him weak; it should be carefully done.

Even though one does not favor meats, one may have a problem in the blood vessel. Then, it is obvious that too much consumption of meats will effectively block out the blood vessel and the organ tissues. Thus, merely using the pills for headache without having fundamental treatment is very dangerous.

In modern days, our kids’ favorite food including snacks, drinks, and ice cream contain ingredients such as food color (including tar abstracted from coal), food preservatives, liquid fructose, corn syrup, melamine, and other unclear materials that come up to heads. Many children suffer from Atopy skin disease, chronic headache, or several cerebral nerve problems as the result. It is wisdom for parents to make the snacks at home or at least boil the food in hot water.

3. Dizziness

Dizziness is often defined as the disease when the head feels dizzy and it sways due to the dizziness. One may feel dizzy because the nerve muscle blood vessel is shaken by the kidney’s energy just as if wind blows to shake the branches of trees.

It is also caused by having too much energy in the upper body part while having too little energy in the lower body part. The phenomenon of feeling dizzy and shaking is deeply related to the kidney, and it includes the Parkinson’s disease. Some theory states that it is due to the lack of dopamine.

In Oriental medicine, it can be diagnosed that the weakness in lower body parts and much energy in the upper body parts are all related to the kidney. People who are thin and feel nervous have pain in between the eyebrows, and it also is related to the problem of the kidney.

There are several people who feel painful especially at the back of the head or at the areas around the scapula. The symptoms come from anger, the inability to relieve one’s stress, and depression. The reason is that the kidney energy is depressed and the lung energy interrupts the original flow. The encyclopedia states that it is as if shaking and turning around like a person on a ship. Also, it states that there is darkness all around. Such symptoms were caused by cold energy and were resulted in kidney diseases that people used medicines that prevent feeling windy and cold in the body.  However, in modern days, it is rather the cause of each individual’s seven passions, which requires the treatment of strengthening the weakened nerve system. Even if two people have same kidney problems, one whose disease is in the case of cholestasis may cure the disease by letting down and circulating the energy. However, for example, an old person whose symptom includes tremor of the hands will be diagnosed with having weak nerve system and lacking energy. Such disease is defined by having too much energy in the upper part while having less in the bottom part. One may have to be cured after finding the cause of the disease.

Seven Passions and the Soldiers

I have defined that seven passions are the most interrupting facts for gathering clear energies to the head. Unfortunately, there are numerous jobs that make people experience seven passions. For instance, the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan are the ones who get stress the most but do not talk out to the outer publics.

According to the investigation of the US Ministry of National Defense, 3 out of 10 soldiers who are positioned in the battle field appeal for mental symptoms caused by battle weariness. They get irritated often, cannot sleep, get panic or anger, and even experience paralysis. It happens even when they get home, resulting in broken family or suicide. The assertion that the increase of the use of anti-depressive medicines raises the rate of committing suicide in the American soldiers is being approved. Last year, there were 115 soldiers who committed suicide in the entire American military, which is the highest record ever since they started recording after 1980.

Last year, the number of soldiers who tried killing or hurting oneself was 2100. Compared to the past 5 years, it has been multiplied 6 times. In these days, instead of being positioned to the back side or getting treatment, soldiers are prescribed to get anti-depressive pills such as Zoloft or Clonazepam in order to keep fighting in the battle field. Glenmullen, a psychology professor in Harvard University, stated his concern over the higher rate of suicide in the American military after taking anti-depressive pills. FDA requested the pharmaceutical companies who produce anti-depressive pills to enlarge the texts that “Anti-depressive pills can increase the danger of committing suicide.” The content is an excerpt from TIME Magazine.

Many patients who experience depression or mental diseases have similar symptoms of the soldiers. Instead of watching bloods around the field like soldiers do, common people see fellow workers losing their jobs, having troubles with their boss or spouses, which is as much pain as what the soldiers in the battle field experience. At this crucial time, is the consumption of anti-depressive pills, anti-anxiety, and anti-psychosis helping the people? People are not mere machines that are composed of fittings and chemicals. Is everything okay by controlling the material called Serotonin? Consider the soldiers who suffer such symptoms and show us their agony. Why don’t we consider the acupuncture’s principles when one gets seven passions or such symptoms? Needles do not hurt much, and no one would take herbal medicine and commit a suicide.

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