Insomnia and Dreams

Three main aspects in which oriental medicine can diagnose a person’s health are good eating, good bowl movement, and good sleeping. If one has all three of them, there is a higher possibility to live a happy life without having any expansive house. The best out of the three is having a good sleep. Many of recent patients are those who can sleep only when they drink a cup of wine or alcoholic beverage.

One common thing is that those people wake up in the middle of the night. Alcohol may relieve some nerves and make it easy to fall asleep, but it is difficult to make the body get better. Wine or any liquor are strongly positive food and make one to have a light sleep before going to a deep sleep. If one does not have a strong conviction that one will not drink it at all, it is really hard to cure insomnia with alcohols.

According to Dong-Eui encyclopedia, one who dreams a lot cannot go into a deep sleep. During one of the four human brain waves, Setana Delta, humans experience a REM (Rapid Eye Movement). The result of the experiment shows that the increase of the time of REM and the narrowing phenomenon between the distances of REM are all related to having lots of dreams, which is caused by the pressure to have a strong intention for dreams.

During the day, the stomach energy works with positive movement, and it should work with negative movement during the night; the flow should shift. However, the positive-negative energies do not connect to each other, leaving the positive energy to work on even during the night. As the result, the eyes do not get closed and even if one tries, he cannot sleep. Excessive REM eventually shows the stomach energy not going through the negative side but just circling around it. In oriental medicine, acupuncturists have been prescribing herbal medicines such as Banha, JukYuh, and Sanjoin in order to warm up the gall’s energy as well as Ondamtang, Baekjain, Mcmoondong, etc.

Insomnia and depression always go together like a faithful couple. The pressure of REM is directly proportional to the state of depression based on the experiment. Lack of appetite, constipation, indigestion, serious fatigue, headache, boredom, irregular menstruation, and sexuality decay all make the therapy hard since the inner depression hides while the symptoms only look as mere physical symptoms. In depression, there are cases which people have too much sleep while some cases show that people have not slept well despite that they have slept well actually. It is recommended to maintain physical and mental health to sleep well rather than taking any other close physical examination.

Eventually, insomnia happens when positive energy is strong while negative energy is weak.

It happens because of the disconnection between the positive-negative energies, so the cure is simply to control the positives and strengthen the negatives. Let us drink some barley tea to strengthen the negative sides.

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