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Benefits Fermented Foods for Immune Health Against Viruses

Kimchi is known as one of the healthiest foods to eat because it is a fermented food. Fermentation is an ancient technique to preserve food by the natural process of microorganisms (yeast and bacteria) converting carbs into alcohol or acids. The alcohol or acids act as a natural preservative and give the fermented food a distinct tartness. Fermented foods are rich in beneficial probiotics, increase the absorption of nutrients, break down toxins, and produce antioxidants. It is said that fermented foods are healthier than their unfermented form. Some other common fermented foods are yogurt, cheese, and wine.

Antioxidants can prevent the damage caused by free radicals, which are unstable molecules that can damage the cells in your body. Free radicals are produced when the body cannot properly digest food or by stress from the environment. In addition, antioxidants help neutralize free radicals (also known as enzyme inhibitors) in our body and boost our immune system. 

Various studies have shown that fermented foods provide partial protection against bacterial and viral infection like the flu and pneumonia. In one of the studies conducted by the Universities of Georgia, rapid weight loss and death were prevented in a group of mice that was pretreated with a probiotic bacteria called lactobacillus. 

Gut Health and Immunity

The gut and immune system are inseparable – the intestines contain more immune cells than the rest of the entire body. Considering the fact that 70% or more of our immune system is in our gut, proper and complete digestion has a tremendous impact on immune health. The beneficial bacteria in our gut aid in the communication between the gut and the immune system whether substances are welcome or foreign to our body. The GALT (gut associated lymphoid tissue) also helps produce antibodies to fight infection. In many cases, immune dysfunction begins when there is a failure to communicate in the gut.

Fiber rich foods are favorable towards the bacteria in the gut and they produce short chain fatty acid which is crucial in the communication between the gut and immune system. With that being said, our detox diet program highly recommends eating fruits and vegetables.

Because the body places such a high priority on digestion, an inadequate digestive system that is enzyme-deficient will “steal” enzymes from the immune system to operate, in turn weakening immune function. The body can be weakened to the point that it can no longer protect against outside invaders. There will be an increase in the chance of developing obesity, fatigue, cardiovascular and/or autoimmune disease or cancer, and your body will be more vulnerable to viral infections.

 A prevalent problem many people face today is a lack of adequate enzyme production that often occurs with age. After the age of 50, the amount of enzymes in your body is reduced by as much as ten times compared to the amount you have at a younger age. All organic matter dies if enzymes are consumed quickly. Our fermented proenzyme complex will provide additional enzymes to your body’s enzyme reserves so that your digestive system and immune system are boosted and maintained. 

What is our Cellular Detox (Health Recovery Program)?

Imagine yourself as a resident in New York, living on the busy streets of Manhattan without any waste maintenance. The cells in your body would be saturated with toxins due to continuous exposure to foul odor, pests, and pollution. 

So detoxification allows for the activation of lysosomes which are organelles inside cells that recycle dead virus, harmful bacteria and undigested food particles. In this scenario of waste management in New York, the lysosomes would be the garbage trucks and collectors that help keep the environment clean.

Our Cellular Detox Health Recovery Program utilizes fermented proenzyme complex and requires fasting in order to stimulate natural detoxification (autophagy) in your body. Although it is similar to enzyme supplementation, the key differences between our proenzyme complex and enzyme supplements are the quality (fermented) and ingredients, and that you are replacing meals with the complex rather than simply taking enzyme supplements with meals. Replacing meals with the fermented proenzyme complex reduces the risk of your gut being overrun by harmful bacteria/microorganisms from processed foods, meats, white foods (white rice, white pasta, white sugar), etc. 

The fermented proenzyme complex combines seaweed/kelp, phyto chemicals, brown rice, soy, barley, buckwheat and a variety of other Eastern herbs and goes through an advanced fermentation process three times. The fermentation process adheres to the rule of low pressure and low temperature fermentation and low temperature drying. This allows the enzyme complex to remain inactive before consumption so that it retains all of the nutrients that can be directly absorbed by your body. The fermented proenzyme complex becomes activated once you consume it and your body will be able to efficiently use its enzymes.  

What is Autophagy?

A person consumes about 1,500 – 2,000 calories per day for basic metabolism. Our detox diet program requires fasting by consuming 300 calories daily to activate autophagy in your body. Autophagy is the body’s own way of cleaning out damaged cells in order to regenerate newer and healthier cells.

Autophagy with the fermented enzyme complex improves the body’s circulation and skin tone and promotes weight loss, especially transforming your body to a slimmer shape. The enzyme supplementation from the fermented enzyme complex is necessary as an external resource in addition to your body’s own enzyme production in order to achieve the autophagy effect. If there is no enzyme supplementation, the body’s enzyme reserves will exhaust quickly and cause dysfunction of the immune system, eventually causing premature aging, sickness, and death.

Therefore, this complex plays a key role in regeneration on the cellular level (also known as rejuvenation).


What are enzymes?

Research has shown that the human body produces nearly 5,000 to 10,000 enzymes and about half of the body’s total enzyme production is used for digestion. All foods are potentially poisonous before being converted by enzymes. Enzymes speed up the chemical reactions that turn nutrients (protein, fats, and starches/sugar) into substances that your digestive tract can absorb. They help regulate nutrients and toxins in your gut and immune system. Ultimately, they are vital components for just about any human body activity needed to make life possible — for breathing, digestion, metabolism, excrement, etc.

What results can I expect from doing this detox diet program? 

Taking into account the benefits of fermented foods and enzymes, one can expect numerous health advantages and improved overall wellbeing from this program. In many cases, dramatic results are obtained in a month or two. Some results include:

  • maintained homeostasis (body balance) and blood pH
  • removal/detoxification of various toxins and harmful foreign substances 
  • improved circulation of cholesterol (LDL’s) in blood
  • reduced inflammation
  • strengthen immunity
  • aid in obesity and other chronic diseases
  • improved digestion
  • better quality of sleep
  • skin improvement
  • stress reduction

If you took your blood vessels and laid them all in one line, the line would stretch over 60,000 miles. If 60,000 miles of your blood vessels, lymph nodes, and joints are filled with toxins, degenerative and many other diseases form. Stool also accumulates more than 50 pounds over the years and it may penetrate the bowels and cause leaky gut syndrome (which allows bacteria and other toxins to pass into the bloodstream). The white blood cell defense also depends on the various enzyme content. Furthermore,  human life can be extended by 30% as you maintain the appropriate enzyme level.

Everything Starts With Indigestion

If you cannot digest properly, the incomplete metabolized proteins pass through the gut’s barrier causing inflammation and/or blood clotting. Undigested animal protein, bleached white flour, processed foods, inappropriate drugs, high fructose corn syrup, white sugar, and other toxins circulate in our body and create inflammation, in which your immune system tries to detoxify them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Not only do our bodies get incomplete nourishment/malnourishment, but also the gut microbes will use the “left overs” for food. Depending on what these microbes eat, they will deliver either nutrients or toxins. Toxins released by microbes may cause symptoms such as uncomfortable gas, abdominal discomfort, and may irritate the gut mucosal lining. The irritation or inflammation of the lining decreases the ability to absorb nutrients from your gut into the bloodstream. Also, the gut lining is the first line of immune defense. If it is inflamed, it is in a compromised state – the gut lining becomes more permeable and may allow pathogens and toxins to pass through to the blood and lymph, therefore increasing the risk of developing disease.  

Ask yourself “Who am I?” – Dr. Jaeho Choi

Do you recognize yourself as the owner of your body? Instead of the phrase “You are what you eat” I would rather say “You are what you digest”. Trillions of your microorganisms in the gut outnumber your total body cell count. Recently modern science is emphasizing the impact of the environment of your gut microbiome on your body.  Also some research has found that your gut microbiome is producing more serotonin and dopamine than your brain does. 

The way you eat, drink, and feel all depend on your gut. If you are depressed, anxious, or autistic, you have to fix your gut first. You have to change the environment of your gut to a more favorable one for  the positive/beneficial bacteria in order to improve your lifestyle.

It is known now that your gut must always communicate with your brain. Did you know that in a mother’s womb, the baby’s brain and            are connected as one?  The gut brain axis connects intestinal lumen to the brainstem in one synapse. Gut epithelial cells (single layer) in the lumen can sense ingested food and microbial metabolites. Constipation, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and leaky gut syndrome should be treated first with enzyme rich foods, our fermented enzyme complex and changes in lifestyle. 

A leaky gut often causes a leaky brain and allows harmful bacteria including gingivalis bacteria to go through the blood brain barrier. This causes inflammation of the brain and produces  amyloid and tangle of tau protein which blocks the communication between brain synapses. If amyloid and tau accumulate in the brain for more than ten years, Alzheimer’s symptoms begin. 

Today we have a pandemic of the new coronavirus, obesity, hypertension, autism, autoimmune disease, Alzheimer’s, etc. I am confident that our fermented enzyme complex will surely be of benefit to many of the problems we face today. Thank you for your time and I look forward to see you soon in my office.

Gansong Health Recovery Program

– Pulse Diagnosis / Eastern medicine Diagnosis

– Qustionnaire about life style

– Body Composition Test   $ 40

– Autonomic Nerve Test    $ 40

– Microbiome Test

– Fermented Enzyme Complex Cellular Detoxification (10 Days Base)

– Life Style Consultation

– Eastern and Western Diet consultation

– Breathing, Qigong and Meditation

– Please bring most recent blood test resullt from your primary care physician or lab

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